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Now krill oil enriches the quality of your life

Krill oil is fast becoming the most popular supplement in the ever growing world of nutrition. This holds true due to the fact that it offers many health enhancing benefits with no negative side effects. It is one of the most beneficial foods given to us by the creator. Now krill oil is one of the finest in the market today. We all know that we do not get the needed vitamins and minerals which are necessary for good health from our daily food supply. Krill oil has several proven benefits that can be supported by science and research. It is obtained from tiny crustaceans harvested largely in the Southern Ocean waters of the Antarctic. This oil is a powerful source of omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and antioxidants.

About Now Foods:

In 1968 Now foods was founded by Elwood Richard to benefit all with nutritional food and they strongly believed that it was not just the luxury for wealthy. It is a family owned business. For past forty years they have strived to provide best in terms of providing best health food and nutritional supplements of highest quality at affordable and fair prices. With these constant efforts they are top selling brands in health food stores. They are known as leaders in the field of nutritional science and method development. Their goal is to provide best products to empower people to lead healthier lives. It has got 250,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with complete Quality Assurance and Quality Control systems. These products are GMP certified and “A-rated” by NPA/NNFA since 2000. NOW also takes the time to review their processes for safety, quality, and efficiency. Now krill oil is 100% pure and unsurpassed in quality and purity.

Importance of krill oil:

Krill oil has three major compounds and nutrients that our body needs. Omega-3, phospholipids that are attached to these fatty acids and astaxanthin are the important nutrients present in krill oil which play a vital role in improving human health. These nutrients play specific job in our body. Omega-3 is present in the form of phospholipids which can be easily absorbed in our body’s membranes than any other form of lipids. This helps to reduce inflammation and create more proteins. This helps to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and any other type of coronary heart disease. Astaxanthin that serves as an antioxidant helps to keep the krill oil fresh. This oil is highly beneficial for the children as it shows positive effect on younger children for future physical and mental development issues.

now krill oil

So if you are in the market looking out for this nutritional supplement than Now krill oil is the best. It is available in the form of Neptune krill oil with 500mg with the option of 60 or 120 soft gels. Other product available of Neptune krill oil 1000mg enteric coated with 60 soft gels. They are 100% pure with patented NKO which is known for its unique fatty acids (FA) profile. It also has rich antioxidant content. This product is rich in EPA, DHA which are present in the crucial omega-3 and also omega-9 is present. A powerful immune supporting antioxidant which is astaxanthin is also available in this product. All these nutrients help to lessen the PMS syndrome, encourage healthy blood lipid levels and supports joint comfort. It is manufactured under strict quality standards and is free of any harmful level of contaminants. The 1000mg krill oil supplement is enteric coated which controls odor and makes it easier to consume especially for those who experience nausea or reflux from fish oil.

Now krill oil helps to boost the overall health and lets you enjoy healthy and disease free life. They offer best in terms of quality as they use exceptional raw materials from growers who share the same passion to offer best quality from start-to-finish.