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Mercola krill oil – a simple solution to great health

With the growing awareness about health care, more consumers are searching for krill oil supplements. There are several companies offering this product to help people attain optimum health. Mercola krill oil helps you to move towards complete wellness. Today there is growing demand for krill oil in the health industry. This is due to the benefit this product offers and impacts overall health in more than one way. Krill oil offers varied health benefits as it has the combination of Omega-3, free radical fighting antioxidants and phospholipids. As compared to fish oil it has better absorption and is also more resistant to rancidity.

Dr Joseph Mercola is licensed Illinois-based physician and surgeon since 1982. He is also author of two New York Times bestsellers, The Great Bird Flu Hoax and The No-Grain Diet. Over the years he has served many people suffering from various ailments. His website is world no #1 natural health website. He offers practical health solutions to millions of his readers through his online newsletter. He offers his expertise knowledge to many people with wide range of health concerns. Over the years he has made significant milestones to bring practical solutions to people with health problems. He has been promoting and teaching innovative healing methods for years. His Natural Health Center in Chicago helps you to make as healthy as you can possibly be.

mercola krill oil

Dr Mercola krill oil uniquely combines antioxidants and essential Omega-3 fats for your optimal health and well-being. This product come in capsules bound capsule form. This capsules are two-piece hard shell capsules sealed with a band instead of the usual gel caps. This helps to increase the product’s purity, cleanliness and resistance to tampering. It protects the contents more by providing a strong barrier to oxygen. It also avoids the use of chemicals like plasticizers that can exert a negative effect on your endocrine system. These nutritional supplements are made under superb quality control standards which have appropriate testing at each stage of manufacturing process. Thus the consumers can be rest assured that they get only the best.

Mercola krill oil is available in three different types including new and improved, for women and for kids. The new and improved krill oil offers multi system health benefits. It also is easily absorbable and does not have any after taste or side effects. It is advisable to take two capsules of this product with your breakfast to get maximum health benefit. You can consume these products without the concerns of harming the marine ecosystem and obtain ultimate health support without the fear of contamination. It offers superb antioxidant protection. The product is safe as it is from the pristine waters of Antarctic which is free from accumulation of mercury, PCBs, heavy metals or other toxins. This product lasts longer as it is more resistant to rancidity. If stored at room temperature it will last for two years. Each bottle contains 60 capsules which is a full month supply. It costs $25 which is affordable.

Mercola krill oil for women:

Mercola krill oil for women also has primrose oil which offers maximum benefit to women. Evening primrose flower opens in the evening which was traditionally valued as food and used as an herbal medicine by Native Americans. Its seeds produce oil which is rich in essential fatty acids which helps support normal inflammatory levels and optimal health. This product offers varied benefits to women including supports healthy skin and hair, blood pressure levels, strong memory, relieves normal symptoms of PMS, help in having stronger bones by enhancing calcium absorption, controls optimal metabolic levels and fights the sign of aging. This product offers all the benefits of krill oil along with the GLA benefits of evening primrose oil. Each bottle has 90 tablets costing $30.

Now you can maximize your health and your daily effectiveness by using Mercola krill oil.