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Learn the secrets about liquid krill oil 

With the growing modern life more people are opting for nutritional supplements. There has always been a debate on the value of these products. They are mainly used with diets that are lacking in vital nutrients and vitamins. Krill oil is the latest rage in the health industry. These supplements are available in variety of forms including capsules, pills and liquids. Liquid krill oil is well suited for children and elders as it reduces the risk of choking. This oil is obtained from 100% pure Antarctic Euphausia superba krill and can be easily dissolved in water. They are widely available and provide you with the important nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fatty acids which are vital to human body. They also help to remove harmful toxins in our body.

Information on aqua liquid krill oil:

Azantis Inc is the only krill oil manufacturer which markets krill oil. Aqua krill oil is marketed by this company. Azantis is a biotechnology company located in Boulder, Colorado. They expertise in novel food especially from marine sources and specialize in discovery, extraction and marketing of these products. This oil is now available in water solution which can be easily mixed and blended with other water based supplements. This makes it easier to consume this oil as it can be added to juices and drinks. Krill phospholipids are polar fatty molecules which can be solubilized in water after undergoing a patented process. This product can be easily consumed as it has no smell and no fishy taste. This product is highly used in health nutrition market as it can be easily blended with vitamin waters and one shot vitamin drinks. This oil is very stable and does not oxidize. This product is carefully packaged and protected. Aqua oil solves the doing problem as they are prepackaged and hence measured accurately.

Benefits of liquid krill oil:

Liquid krill oil supplement is very beneficial to athletes who require higher level of nourishment for the body. The body needs more nutrition when you play some sport or workout. This can be obtained by taking this product as it can be easily dissolved in vitamin waters and one shot vitamin drinks which can give instant energy and strength to the athletes. It also offers great benefits to those people who are looking to lose weight. Most of the people looking to loose weight are on diet where it is possible to end up on foods which lack vitamins and minerals. To make things better krill oil also helps to shed some pounds. The unique antioxidant, astaxanthin helps in anti aging. It also offers all the other benefits of krill oil which mainly include improved cardiovascular, joint and brain health.

Reason why it is not sold in grocery stores:

Liquid krill oil is tricky to produce and sell. Oxygen present in krill begins to break down phospholipids within minutes of being harvested from the cold waters of Antarctic. Hence it is very important to remove the water and dry the krill into a meal or immediately freeze the catch. This helps to stop the oxidation which is very important as the omega-3 present in krill is in the form of phospholipids which make them easily absorbed in our body and provide the necessary health benefits. Hence bulk krill oil cannot be exposed to air as the oxidation process starts immediately. This is the prime reason why bottle of liquid krill oil is not seen on grocery shelves. This product is more expensive when compared with the capsules. Hence you want to be more careful with how much you take.

So if your daily diet is lacking in vital minerals, nutrients and vitamins that your body requires you should consider taking liquid krill oil.