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Krill oil vs fish oil - which is better?

Due to the increasing interest amongst the people about the health supplements, there has been many innovations in this industry. We all are aware of the benefits of fish oil which has found its place in every home. The recent health care product is krill oil. Due to the growing popularity of this product and many consumers getting confused on buying which supplement, let us discuss here pros and cons of krill oil vs fish oil. Both these units are widely popular amongst health enthusiasts. Fish oil has been around for quite some time but recently krill oil has emerged great substitute. To know which offers the best total health care benefit it is very important to compare them on various parameters.

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Comparison of krill oil versus fish oil on various parameters:


Krill are tiny pink or salmon colored crustaceans that live in cold waters. They look like craw fish and are just 1 to 6 centimeters long. They are available in abundance as it is believed there are 500 million of them swimming in the ocean. They are considered favorite food for many sea creatures and whales. Canadian company, Neptune technologies hold the patent of krill oil extraction. Supplement manufactures may differ but the entire supply of krill oil comes from this company. Fish oil is derived from different fish species like sardines, tuna, cod etc. This product is extensively manufactured all over the world.


Omega-3 is the most vital component of krill oil and fish oil. So it becomes undeniable to compare these oils. Omega-3 has two important molecules EPA and DHA. They are available in same amount in both the oils but differ in their molecular structure. They are found as as phospholipids in krill oil supplements and in the form of triglyceride in fish oil. That's closer to the way our own cell fats are formed. Because of this, krill oil is absorbed more rapidly and completely. It also eliminates the odor and the after taste one gets after consuming fish oil.

krill oil vs fish oil

Toxic contamination:

Krill breeds in the fresh waters of Antarctic which is contaminated to bare minimum. Hence they do not contain the harmful levels of toxin and heavy metals. Where as fishes breed in all oceans and seas which do not have equal fresh waters of Antarctic. So the quality of the fish oil depends on the quality of the fish and where it breeds.

Health benefits:

When we compare is krill oil better than fish oil, there is very little margin where the previous scores more. Both these oils offer same health benefits but when it comes to number of antioxidants present, the later wins. Krill oil has Astaxanthin, canthaxanthin and vitamins A, D and E as antioxidants which is far more than fish oil. This helps to fight free radicals and protect against sun damage. They are both useful in relieving joint pains and arthritis. Both the oils aid in improving heart health by increasing HDL cholesterol and lowering the amount of LDL. These oils are also beneficial for weight loss.


People having allergies of seafood should consult medical professional before using krill oil. It can cause certain side effects like diarrhoea. Krill oil dangers though few do exist. As there is not enough research on krill oil as yet hence other side effects may be unknown.


Krill oil is relatively new in the market and is more difficult to harvest and refine into supplements is more expensive than fish oil. But it has longer shelf life in comparison to fish oil as it as high antioxidant content. Neptune technologies are the single extractor of krill and hence the dosages are uniform but same does not hold true for fish oil.

In the conclusion to answer the question of is krill oil better than fish oil, with debates and arguments mentioned above krill oil stands out to be a winner. The final choice is on you as you want to take away the precious food from whales and other aquatic animals or stick to proven and tested fish oil. There is a narrow margin between both of them. It is for you to decide which one you want to go for.