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Krill oil dosage - how much krill oil should I take?

Today people are trying to find new ways and products to have optimum health. Since long many of us knew that pure and clean waters of Antarctic are the nature’s gift to mankind. It is rich in many aqua flora and fauna that can give great benefits to human. This has been proved right by the research of krill oil which is derived from krill which are small shrimp like crustacean species. They are abundantly found in Antarctic which is great natural resource in healing many ailments and serious health conditions. With all the research work we know the benefits of this product but many still wonder about the correct krill oil dosage is? It is currently sold as the most sought after health and nutritional supplement in the market.

Since this product has been discovered and introduced in the market it has become highly popular especially amongst those who know the importance of fatty acids and antioxidants in our body. Many people just go and buy this product without the right knowledge and information, this can be harmful. It is best to know about the product in depth. Also most neglected question by many consumers is what is the right amount of krill oil dosage required? It is very important that you get the most out of this nutritional supplement to get maximum health benefits. Hence one should be aware of the right amount or dosage required. Since krill oil is obtained from krill present in pristine waters of Antarctic it is free from any contamination and impurities. It does not have any harmful side effects, so consuming higher quantity of this amount is safe.

krill oil dosage

Krill oil is a rich source of Omega-3 and antioxidant which are very important to human health. They offer many health benefits like protecting cardiovascular, joint health, increase in memory, anti aging and lessens PMS. Depending upon your lifestyle, the dosage can vary from 1to2 capsules a day. The optimum amount of krill oil for an average healthy person is 2000mg or 2g a day. For children it is best to have 1000mg or 1 capsule a day. It is best to consult your medical professional before using this nutritional supplement. People who are on any medical prescription or are suffering from sea food allergies should check with the doctor. Some doctors also recommend doubling the dosage for people suffering from osteoarthritis and joint problems for couple of months and than lower it.

It is very important that you do thorough research and have perfect knowledge about the benefits and side effects of krill oil. But many just go and buy this supplement without studying about it. The most important question which many people can’t decide on is how much krill oil dosage they must take? If you are confused it is best to recommend a doctor for correct krill dosage. Before recommending you the right amount of krill oil he will consider your height, weight and health state. As per the leading health practitioners, to have a healthy human body the daily DHA dosage via food or nutritional supplement should be around 500gms. Each bottle of this health supplement contains 60 soft pills each having 500gm of krill oil. It is a proven and known fact that krill oil is low in DHA and contains about 9%. So as per the stats you get 45mg of DHA per capsule.

This proves that you need to take more dosage of krill oil to meet the DHA requirement. But krill oil is expensive and an average cost per bottle is $25. So if you are looking out for easy and feasible option than opt for omega-3 fish oil supplements. They are rich in DHA and 1000gm of fish oil contains 200-280 gm of DHA. They are also more economical as per bottle costs $20 and the daily optimal dosage is also less as compared to krill oil dosage.

With the given information it is up to you to decide which nutritional supplement to go for. These products do wonders for your health and hence make a wise decision.