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How Krill oil helps to reduce cholesterol?

All of us want to improve the quality of our lives. The modern population is more conscious about their health and is looking out for ways to stay fit and healthy. Rising cholesterol levels is becoming an issue with many youngsters too. But with introduction of krill oil you can now reduce cholesterol levels. It is a natural remedy to significantly reduce several risk factors for heart disease. This product is safe and natural and is also renewable. It is used to heal host of ailments like high cholesterol, blood pressure, PMS symptoms and aching joints. This oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and extremely potent antioxidants.

Heart health is very important, LDL which is known as bad cholesterol can be dangerous which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. As per the research carried out by American Heart Association, 34.2% of Americans suffers from any form of cardiovascular disease. According to the current epidemiological studies people suffering from high LDL are 107 million and numbers with low HDL exceeds 107 millions. This continues to be a major concern for cardiac health. With the growing cardio health problems more people are opting for nutritional supplements rich in omega-3 which have two fatty acids crucial to human health, DHA and EPA. These fatty acids present in krill oil helps to decrease levels of tiny dense particles of LDL which are associated with health disease.

With the growing concern for cardiac health many researches and studies are carried out to know the benefits offered by krill oil to reduce cholesterol. As per the findings of American Heart Association daily intake of 1 gram of EPA+DHA is recommended. People with high triglycerides need 2-4 gm of EPA+DHA. This dosage should be taken only after consulting the health professional. Krill oil out performs fish oil supplements when it comes to lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels. Studies have shown a significantly greater decrease in bad cholesterol with an intake of 1 to 1.5 gm of krill oil a day compared to three times the dose of any standard fish oil.

Various tests and researches are carried out to find how krill oil is beneficial in reducing cholesterol. When a group of people were given fish oil and krill oil to know the effect on cholesterol it was seen that LDL was reduced by 34% and HDL was increased by 43.5% on people having krill oil. In comparison to that people taking fish oil showed reduction of LDL by 4.6% and HDL by 4.2%. To sum it up with all the research carried out krill oil helps to reduce total cholesterol by 13%, triglycerides by 11%, LDL by 32% and increases HDL by 44%. This vast difference in results is due to the presence of omega-3 in phospholipid form which is not the case with fish oil and super antioxidant astaxanthin which is 48 times more powerful than antioxidants present in fish oil. This helps to make krill oil 95-98% bioavailable to your cells.

Krill oil not only helps to reduce total cholesterol but also reduces blood glucose. It helps to lower triglycerides and bad cholesterol LDL. It aids in increasing good cholesterol HDL. The researchers of this study have also concluded that people with elevated cholesterol levels are benefited more when they combine krill oil with their simvastatin to prevent coronary heart disease as compared to taking drug alone. So with all the available facts and information you now know that krill oil and cholesterol have a positive connection. So if you want to keep good health it is essential to take krill oil supplements as they are an essential part of good health.