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Are you aware of krill oil capsules?

In recent years nutritional supplements has been steadily increasing in popularity. This is due to the rising awareness amongst the people about the importance of omega-3 in human body. Krill oil has been touted nature’s perfect recipe that provides numerous health benefits to humans. This product is the latest entrant has gained popularity in health industry. It is obtained from a species of krill Euphausia superb. These species breed in the clean and toxin free waters of Antarctic. Krill oil capsules are different from fish oil ones as they come in capsules and not soft gels. It is greatly effective in raising HDL cholesterol and reducing LDL cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Why capsules are better than soft gel:

Capsules are two piece hard shell capsules sealed with a band. This increases the safety of the product as it helps you to avoid potentially allergenic ingredients. They improve bioavailability and hence promote absorption. These krill oil capsules provide a strong barrier to oxygen and protect the inner content. It eliminates any negative effect on your endocrine system as the use of plasticizer which has chemicals is avoided. They are also more preferred by vegetarians as fish capsules have fish gelatin. It resists tempering and hence is long lasting. They are less sensitive to heat and moisture and hence possess greater bioavailability. It offers increased visibility of contents to know products purity. The number of inactive ingredients that act as carrier for active ones are reduced thus makes the product more pure.

Krill oil capsules has same source and hence do not vary in dosages. Due to its high antioxidant content the shell life of this product is longer. These capsules are available in small sizes for kids. This makes it easy for them to swallow. Each capsule contains 500 gm of krill oil. It is rich in omega-3 and antioxidant which provides great benefits to heart, brain and joints health. They are preferred by men, women and kids. This is because it provides better concentration and memory, decreases the sign of aging, increases cell membrane protection, boosts immune system, protects from harmful UV rays and also encourages healthy skin, helps to keep the joints healthy, promotes nervous system and brain health, promotes liver health, lessens PMS syndrome, aids moods disorders, helps to reduce arthritis and inflammatory pain and helps in cognitive development.

Though krill oil capsules offer many benefits, there are certain side effects that include indigestion, loose motion or diarrhea. If you have sea food allergy or are on any medication than it is best to consult your medical professional before using this product. Also this supplement is more pure when compared with fish oil as it comes from the pristine waters of Antarctica which is free from any contamination or pollution. It also avoids the common problem of fishy after taste, reflux or belching of fish flavors. It is also more resistant to rancidity as it is more stable. These capsules last for two years at room temperature. It also offers increased benefits to your health and well being as it won’t oxidize in your body. Thus the longer shell life protects your investment.

By consuming 2 krill oil capsules a day you can gain your personal extraordinary edge. They should be taken with your first meal everyday. Regular intake of these nutritional supplements supports you with bountiful assortment of health boosting ingredients that are designed to keep you in best health. This is a perfect investment to have optimal health.